Demand Generation & Telemarketing

Demand Generation is the art and science of creating, nurturing, and managing buying interest in products and services through campaign management, lead management, marketing analysis, and data management.

TBCS Research offers Demand Generation solutions for IT and Non IT Sectors across multiple geographies. We have our own updated and highly researched proprietary Master Database to run Demand Generation Campaigns which enable increased market shares and filling of sales pipeline with new prospects worldwide.

A well thought out and connected B2B demand generation program can have a definite impact on revenues and profits alongside other contributory factors such as sales and product strategy, market intelligence, and customer service and support.

When justifying the cost of a demand generation project, it helps to focus on the element of return on investment. B2B telemarketing is an area of sales and marketing that, when carried outsuccessfully, can provide a high yield with comparatively low expenditure.

Good quality telemarketing services can deliver significant return on lead generation investment. That is why so many leading technology brands use telemarketing as a significant element of their sales and marketing campaign mix.

Improve sales and remain competitive

The business world is becoming increasingly competitive, so it's vital that you're ahead of the competition. You need to focus your time on B2B telemarketing if you want to see your leads and profits soar - lead generation should be at the heart of any business strategy and is vital to the overall success of your company. Without effectively focusing on demand generation and telemarketing, you can't hope to reap the rewards of your efforts. With our telemarketing services you can be confident of getting the sales you want.

Telemarketing services that produce measurable results

Our results-led B2B telemarketing approach focuses on quality lead and demand generation to produce measurable results from our B2B telemarketing efforts. Our primary focus is to accelerate your sales and it's something we take incredibly seriously - everything we do is focused on achieving that goal, with proven lead generation tactics that produce significant and tangible results. We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure those results at every step of the way, from lead generation to sales close, offering high returns through our tailored and tightly integrated processes. It's no wonder we're trusted by technology companies across the globe - the results from our telemarketing services speak for themselves. For smaller companies telemarketers may well end up talking to Managing Directors, and have to be able to persuade them that a dialogue is well worth their valuable time. Successful B2B lead generation depends on gaining trust and permission to continue a dialogue for mutual benefit.