Data Processing

The data processing staff of TBCS can provide expert survey formatting services using SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Excel or Access, or any other database and analysis software as needed. We also offer complete tabulation services, providing clients with statistical program data and other results, according to their unique specifications. From simple marginal results to sophisticated analytical and marketing/customer insight data, TBCS Research Services can meet or exceed your market research needs, quickly and accurately.

TBCS offers various kinds of data processing services:




SAS, etc

Some of our services include:

Marginal Frequencies

Means, medians and standard deviations

Produce complete variable distribution showing percentages, cumulative percentages and numerous descriptive statistics

Graphical Representations of Cross tabulations.

Stub-and-Banner Tables

Open End Coding

TBCS has the ability to compile and produce cleaned data files after validating, sorting, real-time editing, open ended coding, mid point coding and merging multiple shell structures into one single integrated database/table.
We only use best of breed products and data analysis processes to analyze Market Research data and gain insights. These solutions are offered to leading market research companies across the globe.