Leader In Market Research & Direct Marketing

The way we do business

TBCS provides a complimentary range of research outsourcing and direct marketing support services including Data Collection (CATI, CAWI, Face2FACE, CLT, Qualitative, Quantitative etc) (Direct Marketing), Data Processing and Data Analysis, along with survey programming.

To be a global, industry-leading provider of high quality, cost effective services designed to enhance/improve relationship using intellectual capital of Indian brain. We will keep building our skills and distinguishing project methodology, together with our industry, business process and technology knowledge. Thus, we will be able to bring you the best practices, technologies and business models and help you to take full advantage of IT driven opportunities, and to anticipate and respond to new business challenges.

Team: Our core strength

Management Team:
With over 40 years of combined experience, the Management team oversees the process from the bidding phase through final deliverables to be sure that every client experience exceeds expectations.

Project Management Team:
Our clients enjoy a continuous effort to strengthen our internal knowledge base of their particular preferences and requirements. To that end, each client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager so that every new project has the benefit of past experience and familiarity with their work.

Our Interviewing team is diverse and is grouped not only by native language, but also by specialty. Our team is split into IT, Finance, Healthcare and Advertising/Marketing groups within each country. For example, our IT Interviewers are up to date on current events within the Technology space as well as take great pride in expanding upon their existing relationship with our IT respondent database. As our client, you have a wealth of experienced interviewers at your fingertips.

Quality Assurance Team:
Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do from accurate feasibility projections to ensuring question presentation is uniform across all interviewers as well as across multiple languages . Our Quality Team trains and monitors our interviewers and works with the Project Management team to identify any areas of correction and improve our quality of delivery with every project undertaken.

Our Core Values:

Add value to customer businesses.

Keep commitments and meet deadlines at any cost.

Exceed customer expectations on all key performance metrics.

Maintain a work environment that encourages innovation, growth and fun.

Remain prudent and be responsible for our performance.

Build the ultimate human organization, with a sense of client loyalty and high integrity